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Kaste Industrial Machine Sales, Inc.
1654 King Street, Suite 7
Enfield, CT 06082
Toll Free: (844) 822-3517
Phone: (860) 623-5700
Fax: (860) 654-0548
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Kaste Industrial has been buying, selling and consigning surplus metalworking machinery for over 40 Years. We have worked with thousands of companies. Kaste has proven to our customers to be effective in finding the opportunities for a win – win working relationship.

Auctions and Liquidations


Kaste Industrial can truly do it all. Our goal is to provide our customers with Superior Sales & Service, In response to their machinery requirements. From Purchases to Sales our staff of qualified personnel can handle all of your machinery needs.   Including Auctions, Appraisals and Liquidations.   We are fully Certified.

Welcome to Kaste
xKaste Industrial Machine Sales can help you improve your bottom line while maximizing valuable shop floor or warehouse space by selling your surplus metal working equipment. Kaste specializes in buying, selling and brokering good, clean used metalworking machinery. With our proven ability to liquidate machinery through in-house sale, consignment or auction, Kaste can effectively sell one machine or an entire plant.

Kaste can save you money on your next purchase of capital equipment by finding just the right used machine you need at a considerable saving versus the cost of new equipment. Are you planning to purchase machinery this quarter or next? Give us a call. We’ll help you get the most for your money. Just tell us what you need and your budget range and we’ll do the rest.

Kaste has an AMEA Certified Appraiser on staff to meet all your machinery evaluation needs, whether to secure a loan, inventory, reorganization, shut down, taxes, or just keeping an accurate assessment of your net work. Our appraiser will travel to any location to provide you with the type of appraisal, which best suits, your needs.
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